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A Year of Facebook

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I first heard of Facebook in the fall of 2006 when talking with some Cal students., it seems, had a huge saturation among college students; the Berkeley network was one of the original networks. In order to join Facebook one needed to have a campus email address from a participating university. Things have changed.

I joined Facebook in early spring of 2007. When I hired a Cal student intern named Monica (a Facebook expert) in May, she showed me the ropes. I began visiting the site daily. I initially connected with several friends from church. At the time, there was only one other member from my high school class, now there are 43. There was about 50 people from my college class, now there are over 500.

I have always enjoyed observing social networking websites and trends. My first experiment in joining one was in 2002 via a business networking tool called My involvement didn’t last. But Facebook is the first one where I see people my age joining in droves. People of all ages, for that matter. I have reconnected with several friends from childhood and college. I have connected with work colleagues and clients. Several very notable friendships have grown thanks to Facebook. I have had a great time.

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