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Breathing Room

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A lot has happened in the last three months.  Perhaps most importantly, I have moved to Albany, California–the little city just north of Berkeley. Albany is often called Kid Town with its many families with children and great schools. Albany is only the third city where I have lived in my life after Santa Clara and Berkeley.  (I did have a 2-year exodus to Oakland but I did not plant roots there). 

I finally have a place to breath in Albany, which is known for its narrow streets and smallish houses.  Ironically my rental house is a bit bigger than the average, and it has three baths and a 2-car garage. After 4+ years of living out of boxes, I have a place and space to unpack.  And the garage provides the stash space for me to use as I continue to unpack and sort box after box. Most of my furniture pieces have found their places comfortably in the various rooms.   

My bedroom has windows on three walls! Since I moved in during the dead of winter, I did not truly appreciate how wonderful this would be. Sunny mornings are beautiful times to lay in bed and watch the light play all around me.  

The downstairs kitchen and family room have proven to be great for entertaining groups of friends and family large and small.  The backyard has room for a BBQ and patio furniture as well as for Baron, who is now 13 months old. I plan to start construction on his dog house this month.

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