Saturday, March 8th, 2008...9:39 am


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I’m wondering what I will do today.  It’s one of those rare Saturdays that I have nothing planned.  And nothing crazy-urgent needing to be done.  I think I should start with coffee.  Maybe I will research plasma and LCD TVs.  Maybe I will make a painting. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about health this week.  And about how fast life is moving by.  My friend Eleanor almost died from cerebral meningitis seven days ago.  Her husband got her to the hospital just in time.  In fact they told him she was not going to make it.  Hanging out with her in the hospital after she got out of ICU brought me very close to the situation.  Her totally unexpected brush with death reminded me of the frailty of this life.  It isn’t only disease and poor health that can get us.  Even a health nut can be killed in an accident.   

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