Saturday, July 5th, 2008...11:23 pm

100 Thing Challenge

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I was reading my friend Lana’s blog and came across an article in Time Magazine about David Bruno’s “100 Thing Challenge”. His personal goal is to live with just 100 things for one year: Nov. 2008-Nov. 2009. He is in the process of distilling his personal belongings down to a list of 100 items. The list is documented on his blog. I just found out there is a Facebook group too.

I have been doing a lot of thinking about “stuff” lately. My two bedroom house has too much stuff. I have boxes and boxes of books and belongings from my last house. I have been thinking about moving to a bigger place. I have been thinking about getting rid of stuff aggressively.

Last week, my house was burglarized and I lost some big ticket items: most notably my TV, computer, and some jewelry. As I have been weighing the loss, I have decided it was the digital pictures on the computer that I will miss the most. The unexpected event of being robbed combined with reading about the 100 Thing Challenge has me realizing that a LOT of my stuff would not be missed if I no longer had it. Could I whittle things down enough such that the five living creatures in my home could fit more easily? What would it be like to live lighter on this earth?

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